iPhone XI (a.k.a. iPhone 11) renders show off a ne​​w design

We clock has ticked into 2019 so the rumors and leaks about the new iPhone XI model (pronounced iPhone eleven) have started and a new design, that sees Apple depart from its flagship camera positioning may be on the horizon.

Typically, companies like Apple work with a number of different engineering prototypes before finalizing the design they will move into full production with – nothing new here.  And for some time now we’ve been hearing that there will be one additional camera on the back of the iPhone.  What is new is where these cameras might be positioned:

Image: ompareraja.in

There are plenty of other rumors that show a more traditional approach to how Apple might integrate the third camera but this is certainly the most different iPhone XI design so far.

On the front is also a smaller notch, with the front camera finally going up to 10MP.

Image: compareraja.in

On the back, we have the following changes:

  • Camera position moves to the center and is now horizontal
  • Flash is a ring surrounding the middle camera
  • Camera uplift to 14MP

Could this be real?  Could Apple be joining the majority of the other device manufacturers and move to a centered camera position?


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