Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Rumoured (Again) to Finally Appear

Apple’s AirPower charging mat was originally unveiled in September 2017 and promised to ship in early 2018.  Well, 2018 has well and truly come and gone and there’s been no sign of the AirPower accessory, nor any official update from Apple.

During that time, there have been numerous rumors and leaks about the AirPower going into production with imminent shipping but none of these rumors have materialized.  Other rumors have circulated that Apple was facing engineering challenges with the AirPower, for example, overheating problems that just couldn’t get right.

Fast forward to this week and DigiTimes is reporting that one of the component suppliers for the AirPower has seen an increase in orders and that the device will go on sale later in 2019.  Now analyst reports aren’t always accurate, as we’ve seen over the last 16 months when it comes to AirPower.  But it’s at least positive news considering at one stage there was talk that Apple had canceled the AirPower altogether due to those engineering issues.

And it should be noted that some of these previous reports have in fact also come from DigiTimes, in fact back as far as March 2018.

What is interesting about this latest report is that since media outlets started reporting about the AirPower’s production, DigiTimes have updated the article and removed all references to the AirPower name itself.  Could this have been at the request of Apple?  Only time will tell.


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