Apple Maps Transit Directions now available for Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden

Apple Maps today continued with its data enrichment work by adding Transit Directions for:

  • Denmark;
  • Finland;
  • Norway; and
  • Sweden.

Transit data includes route and timetable information for buses, trains, and trams for the capital cities in each of these countries:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark;
  • Helsinki, Finland;
  • Oslo, Norway; and
  • Stockholm Sweden.

Where available, Apple has also included funicular connections and transit links across borders.

Since enabling Transit Directions capability in Apple Maps back in 2015, Apple has been slowly catching up with its key competitor in this space, Google. At the time of writing, Apple is yet to update its official list located here.  The list currently has 79 cities around the world, not including the four listed above.

Happy travels.


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